Thompson's Karate Academy Foundation offers positive alternative solutions to children and adults of all ages and academic scholarships. This program includes Forms, Kobudo, sparring classes, competition training and self-defense tournaments.  A free uniform is available with a 3-month registration paid in advance the first time you register.

Dr. Cynthia Thompson began training in 1976 under Mr. Victor Hayes in the Shotokan System.  In 1984 she advanced her training under G.M. Otis Baker, 10th Dan, and G.M. Prestonv Baker, 10th Dan, G.M. Larry C. Tankson, Master Burley Wagner (Kankakee) and Master Joe Pina (Boston).  In 1996 Dr. Thompson studied karate and Kendo in Nakajo, Japan where she received the rank of first degree black belt in the Art of Kendo.