Tips For Homeowners...




Want to know what you can do to help the environment? 
Here are a few suggestions:

Get an energy audit



Turn off lights in any room not being occupied no matter how short the duration



Unplug any appliance not being used on a regular basis.  This includes cell phone and game chargers



Use stand by mode when stepping away from your computer and power down at night

Use less air-conditioning and heating



Wait until your dishwasher is full before running it or hand wash the dishes



Do not leave water running while washing dishes or brushing teeth



 Refrain from using disposable paper products whenever possible



 Ride your bike or car pool



Use CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) instead of regular incandescent light bulbs.  Here is a web site on saving electricity using CFL’s:



Check out this website from National Geographic Green Guide for more green tips:


Recycle your fluorescent bulbs at the Home Depot in Chicago Ridge



Here is a web site with information on recycling your unused bikes:


Verizon Wireless stores have a drop box for all used cell phones and equipment to help victims of domestic violence.  Visit their website for more information:




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