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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 12:39


Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


November 11, 2015



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners Crout, Conrad, Egan and Pratl.  Commissioner Lind was absent.  Also present: Director King, Attorney Stillman, Recreation Superintendent Malito and Maintenance Superintendent Biskey.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



There was no one to address the Board.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout asked Recreation Superintendent Malito to report on the Halloween events.  He stated that the participation was down and the Wax Hands machine malfunctioned; however, the owner of the Wax Hands personally came to Frontier the following week and gave the Park District a full refund.  He also said that he would come to the RAH program and do a free event.  Director King commented that the children enjoyed the inflatables.


Superintendent Malito continued with his report covering the Turkey Shoot, Thanksgiving tournament, men’s basketball league and the new co-ed volleyball league beginning in December.


The preliminary copy of the 2015-2016 Winter/Spring brochure is being printed.


The RAH program will be taking a field trip to Lego Land on Tuesday, November 24th.


Santa Express event is sold out.



Chair Report

Commissioner Egan commented that he has been in touch with Maintenance Superintendent Biskey regarding the Park maintenance and gave the floor to the Superintendent for his report.


Maintenance Superintendent Biskey reported on the rewire/repair of the outside flag lights for Frontier Fieldhouse.


Arnold Heating was out to inspect, clean, and install new filters for the furnaces at Freedom, Frontier and Administration.


There was a power issue at the Administration building which has been addressed by Secure Electric.  They will be out next week to check the rest of the wiring in the building and replace if necessary.  Commissioner Pratl instructed Superintendent Biskey to have Secure Electric pull the wires back to the breaker and not splice them.


Commissioner Egan mentioned the issue of a locked park.  Director King stated that it was the Chicago Ridge Police Department who locked it on a Sunday and that the lock has since been removed.


The maintenance staff has been busy with rentals and keeping up with the fields and parks.


Director King reported on the plans for the meditation area at Lombard for the holiday season.  Plans include making a “Candy Cane Lane” and decorating the surrounding bushes and trees.  There will be music and possibly an inflatable.


Director’s Report

Director King reported that they are looking into different options for insurance renewal.


WWE/NXT is looking to do another event at Frontier.  He stated that Frontier is booked up until next fall but he is working with them on this for the future.


The grappling event will take place on November 21st.


Director King also reported that the CR School District 127.5’s safety committee is putting together a packet about where to move the children in case of emergencies.  The Park District will assist with transportation and facilities if needed.



Chair Report

Commissioner Lind was not at the meeting.   Director King reported that the closing date for the bonds was changed by the bond counsel from the 15th to the 16th of November, as the 15th was a Sunday.


The levy will be approved at the next meeting.  No public hearing will be necessary.


Financial Statements were given to the Board for their review.



Chair Report

The floor was given to Director King to report on the Guardian Park project.  The Board was given updated plans and quote for the GameTime equipment.  With the grant program they have in place, the Park District should save approximately $40,000. The Park District will go out to bid for the install in January. 


Director King also discussed some of the improvements planned for Ball Fore.



There was no old business to discuss.



President Pratl called for a motion to approve the purchase of the GameTime playground equipment through U.S. Communities Purchasing Co-Op.  Motion was made by Commissioner

Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Roll Call

Ayes:                Commissioner Crout, Conrad, Egan, Pratl

Nays:               None

Abstain:           None

Motion Carried.


President Pratl called for a motion to move the November 25th Board meeting to December 9th.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Ayes:                Commissioner Crout, Conrad, Egan, Pratl

Nays:               None

Abstain:           None

Motion Carried.



There was no need to enter Executive Session.



President Pratl called for a motion to adjourn at 7:37pm.  Motion was made by Commissioner Conrad and seconded by Commissioner Crout.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.




____ Kevin King __________________

Kevin King, Secretary Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 9th day of  December, 2015.

___Kevin King________

Kevin King, Secretary Chicago Ridge Park District


Chicago Ridge Park District