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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 11:00

Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


July 11, 2012



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners Crout, Lind absent with notice, Egan absent with notice, Conrad and Pratl.   Also present: Director King, Recreation Superintendent Dominic Malito and Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Biskey.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



There was no one to address the Board.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout asked Recreation Supervisor to report on Day Camp.  Recreation Supervisor Malito stated that they are in the 2nd session with 175 participants.  He also reported that everything is set for the Salute to Ridge Kids event.  Commissioner Crout gave the floor to Recreation Superintendent Malito for his report.


Superintendent’s Report

Recreation Superintendent Malito reported that he is getting quotes from printers for printing the fall brochure.  The Board will be getting a draft for their review by next meeting.  There will be a few new events and trips planned.


There was discussion regarding non-residents renting out the parks/pavilions.  The Board agreed not to rent out to non-residents.


The second session of the Men’s four-on-four league begins on Monday, July 9th.  Recreation Superintendent also reported that the first games of T-ball will begin on Tuesday and he is in the process of setting up another field day with Oak Lawn Park District for the Day Campers.


Commissioner Conrad suggested using the baseball helmets for snow cones as well as ice cream.  Recreation Superintendent Malito said they would try it.  The Board discussed selling the helmets unfilled vs. only selling them filled.  After discussion, they agreed to keep offering the helmets for sale filled or unfilled.


Commissioner Pratl encouraged Recreation Superintendent Malito to be thinking ahead to the Polar Express event and begin looking into networking with other park districts on this event.


As there were no questions, Recreation Superintendent Malito exited the meeting.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad reported that the signs will be delivered the following day, but will be looking for a different company for any future signs. 


Commissioner Conrad commented that Ball Fore looks great with the new carpets.  He then gave the floor to Maintenance Supervisor, Jeff Biskey, for his report.


Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Biskey reported that the Chicago Southland came out to Ball Fore to shoot a video for You Tube in which he, Recreation Superintendent Malito and Director King participated.


He also reported that the maintenance staff has been watering fields and the new grassy areas at Lombard. 


New filters were ordered for the Lily Pad and are working out well.


He reported that he has been doing some training with the supervisors at Ball Fore and Lily Pad as to some minor adjustments on the machines which frees up the maintenance staff for other work.


In regard to rentals, Supervisor Biskey commented that they are keeping up with the high demand working around staff vacation schedules.  He also commented that all their equipment is working fine.


Safety inspections are on-going at the parks, wood chips have been added in a couple of places and they have been trimming bushes.  Ball Fore will remain a priority to keep it looking good for the upcoming tournaments.


Commissioner Pratl commented that Ball Fore looks good.


Maintenance Supervisor Biskey then exited the meeting.


Director’s Report

Commissioner Pratl opened discussion regarding the Park District’s 45th anniversary celebration for next year.  The Board discussed ideas concerning fireworks, carnival, number of days/dates for the celebration, activities, food, etc.  Commissioner Pratl encouraged the Board members to visit Palos Friendship Fest to get ideas.  Director King also gave the Board some ideas to consider. 


Director King reported that the Salute is set - everything has been ordered, employees are scheduled.


In regard to the U.S. Open, Director King commented that registrations are coming in with 12 states being represented, the Chicago Southland is getting some good publicity for us and new banners have been ordered and are up.  This will be a good event.


Commissioner Pratl commented that the bridges should be stained and some painting should be done at Ball Fore.


Commissioner Conrad suggested having a social in the evening during the U.S. Open.  Director King asked for ideas.  Discussion ensued.


Commissioner Pratl commented that the benches and game table are in at Lombard Park.


Director King reported that the audit is scheduled for Monday, July 9th.  Staff is prepared and he is anticipating a good review.


Commissioner Pratl informed the board that he has been looking over some quotes for security cameras.  He is waiting for one more quote before making a decision.


In regard to the server upgrades, Director King commented that it will take place on August 2nd.  They will also have Wi Fi access set up at Frontier and Freedom.



Chair Report

Commissioner Lind was not at the meeting.  No report was given. 



Chair Report

Commissioner Egan was not at the meeting.  No report was given



There was no old business to discuss.



There was no new business to discuss.





President Pratl called for a motion to adjourn at 9:04pm.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.




_____  _ Rob Lind_________________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 25th day of July, 2012.

 ______ Rob Lind __________________


Chicago Ridge Park District


Chicago Ridge Park District