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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 11:19

Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


December 14, 2011



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners Crout, Lind – absent with notice, Egan, Conrad, and Pratl.   Also present: Director King and Recreation Supervisor Dominic Malito.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Pratl made mention that Attorney Stillman called to say he was stuck in traffic.



There was no one to address the Board.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout commented that she heard many good comments about the Polar Express event.  She also suggested looking into doing a co-op with Oak Lawn and Worth for next year.  Recreation Supervisor reported that there were some problems due mainly to Metra; but as this was the first time for this event, it went reasonably well.  Commissioner Pratl commented that the staff did an outstanding job despite the glitches. 


Supervisor’s Report

Recreation Supervisor Malito reported on the Senior Holiday Luncheon which took place on December 6th.  Each senior received a Christmas ornament, gift certificate and coin purse.  Eight Christmas wreaths were also raffled off.  Event was catered by Jack and Pat’s.


The Christmas Caroling Party took place at the Freedom Activity Center on December 7th with 10 people in attendance.


The Holiday House Decorating contest will be judged on December 15th by Park District Staff.  Winners will be awarded their prizes at the December 28th Board Meeting.


Breakfast with Santa is to be held Saturday, December 17th; calls from Santa will be on Wednesday & Thursday – December 21st and 22nd; Christmas Cook Decorating will be on Monday, December 19th – there are currently 16 registrants for this activity; and the Gingerbread House Making will take place on Tuesday, December 20th.


The Giving Tree gifts will be dropped off this week.


Full day RAH will begin on Thursday, December 22nd through Wednesday, January 4th.



Recreation Supervisor Malito then exited the meeting.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad reported that the score boards at Frontier are not working properly and should be replaced.  Director King commented that they will be repaired at this time but he has quotes for new ones.  No games have been cancelled because of this.  He will look at the IAPD Conference in January for what is new in the area of scoreboards. 


Commissioner Conrad reported on the rooftop unit which was leaking during the last big rain.  He commented that he will look at it next spring to see if it needs to be fixed or replaced.


Commissioner Conrad complimented Kurt Rapp for an outstanding job performing as the “Conductor” on the Polar Express.



Chair Report

October Financial Statements were given to the Board for their review.


The Board was given correspondence from Querrey & Harrow regarding the Sears property tax appeal for their review.  President Pratl stated that he will contact Attorney Stillman regarding the correspondence.




Chair Report

Commissioner Egan opened discussion regarding the Lombard playground project.  Director King commented that he is having several different companies come out and will have something for January’s meeting.  There was some discussion regarding playground equipment.


Commissioner Conrad opened discussion regarding the development of the area behind the Lombard building with some suggestions regarding plantings for a sitting area.


The Board was given a Physical Fitness Facility medical Emergency Plan which is required by PDRMA and the State of Illinois. 


The Board reviewed the revised addendum to the Ridge Fest permit request.  Commissioner Conrad asked if they could require a waiting period, in case of rain, concerning driving of vehicles on park property during set up and take down as shown in letter “I” on the addendum.  After discussion, it was decided not to impose a waiting period. The Board was in agreement with the changes as previously discussed.


Commissioner Pratl and Commissioner Conrad commented that they will be attending the IAPD conference.


The Board was reminded to file their Statement of Economic Interest by May 1, 2012.

Commissioner Pratl expressed his desire to have current Park District law books.  Director King said he would obtain them for the Board. 


The Board was given copies of the new Vehicle Lease Agreement that will be used whenever an outside agency wishes to use our driver and vehicle for their event.  This form is required by PDRMA. 


Commissioner Pratl opened discussion regarding the Freedom of Information Act.  Commissioner Crout commented that the Board members will need to complete the on-line training next year.


Commissioner Pratl commented that he had received several “thank yous” from staff for the holiday bonuses.


There was more discussion regarding playground equipment.


Director King showed the Board the new GarboGrabber (a new maintenance tool) that was ordered.  There was also discussion regarding the new landscape timbers that they saw at the NRPA conference, and shade structures.



There was no old business to discuss.



President Pratl called for a motion to adopt the levy of taxes for the tax year 2011 as Ordinance #2011-10.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Roll Call

Ayes:              Commissioner Crout, Egan, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None

Motion Carried.


President Pratl called for a motion to adopt the Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Plan as part of the Chicago Ridge Park District Policy Manual.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Egan.

Roll Call

Ayes:              Commissioner Crout, Egan, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None

Motion Carried.



There was no need to enter into Executive Session.







Before calling for a motion to adjourn, President Pratl wished the staff, Director and Board of Commissioners a Merry Christmas.  A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Egan and seconded by Commissioner Conrad at 8:07pm.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.




_____ _Rob Lind______________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 28th day of  December, 2011.


____ _Rob Lind______________


Chicago Ridge Park District



Chicago Ridge Park District