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Tuesday, 03 May 2011 12:41

Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


April 13, 2011



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners, Crout, Egan, Conrad, Pratl.  Commissioner Lind was absent with notice.

 Also present: Recreation Supervisor Dominic Malito and Director King.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.



There was no one to address the Board.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout inquired about the Easter events. 


Supervisor’s Report

Recreation Supervisor Malito gave his report on their plans for the Easter events and stated that everything is ready.


Recreation Supervisor Malito also reported on the numbers of children signed up for classes and that they currently have an 83% success rate with class registration with only 2 classes being cancelled.   


Senior Luncheon will be Tuesday, May 10 and they currently have 32 seniors signed up.


Tiny Tots have field trips coming up to the Children’s Farm, Lincoln Park Zoo and Navy Pier.  Recreation Supervisor Malito commented that there is strong participation in these trips so far.  He also stated that the Hop-a-Thon will be taking place on Thursday and Friday, April 14 & 15. 


There are 16 people registered for the White Sox trip and the Cubs trip is sold out.


Mother/Son Bowl is scheduled for Friday, May 6 at Palos Lanes and there are 18 mothers and sons registered so far.    Director King commented that they are looking into having some different food for this event instead of the usual pizza.


Commissioner Pratl asked about the Kite Fly.  Recreation Supervisor Malito said it is scheduled for May 14th and he has ordered 100 kites.  He is hoping for good weather.  Commissioner Pratl asked Director King if the Kite Fly event would coincide with the completion of the new playground at Freedom Park so that they could have a grand opening for the park or ribbon cutting ceremony on that day.  Director King said it he will have more information regarding the playground completion by the next Board meeting.


Recreation Supervisor Malito exited the meeting.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad reported that the maintenance staff has repaired some of their equipment in lieu of purchasing new.  They are, however, still looking into purchasing a new lawnmower.  He also commented that the staff has been working on the fields already and they are looking good. 


In regard to signage, Commissioner Conrad presented the Board with some information and samples.  He is still getting the pricing but commented that it will be around $2,000 and would like the Board’s approval to proceed.  The Board was in agreement.  Commissioner Pratl asked about the turnaround time.  Commissioner Conrad said it would be approximately two weeks.


Director’s Report

Director’s King reported that in addition to keeping the fields maintained, the maintenance staff has been working on making sure that Ball Fore’s miniature golf fairway carpets are clean as well.  He also reported that he had a manager’s meeting at Ball Fore which went well.  Batting cages are working properly with only occasional minor issues which are taken care of in a timely manner.  The leak in one of the ponds was caulked and is fixed.  Commissioner Pratl commented that the new flags looked good.


In regard to a new lawnmower, Director King commented that they are having a demo delivered next week. 


Director King informed the Board that upon talking with Commissioner Lind, the date that was set for the field maintenance meeting with the CRAA and Jim Walsh of Sportsfields, Inc. will need to be changed.


Director King opened discussion regarding the colors and potential logo placement for the new floor at Frontier.  Commissioner Pratl commented that if they change the colors of the floor, they would need to change the bleachers, etc., to match which would negate any savings they would otherwise have.  General consensus was not to change colors, but definitely put in the logo.  Placement of the logo was not determined at this time.


The Board was given a list of new meeting dates and times for fiscal year 2011-2012.  The Board agreed to cancel the November 23rd meeting.


The Board was given a letter from Knutte & Associates asking the Park District to once again allow them to work with the Park District.


Director King encouraged the Board to file their Statement of Economic Interest. 


Director King provided the Board with the contracts from Clowning Around, which provides the amusements for the Salute to Ridge Kids event, for their review.


Director King showed the Board some recycled crayons that were made for the RAH and Tiny Tots kids for Earth Day by Tillie Grimberg.  He also stated that she updated the Kids Page on the CRPD web site with some new activity pages.  Commissioner Conrad complimented Tillie on doing a good job with this.


The Board was given a letter that was sent to Oak Lawn Park district informing them that we will no longer be offering a discount to our residents for their pool membership.  Commissioner Crout asked if we could draft a formal policy regarding a resident’s request for fee waiver.  Director King said he would look into it.  Request for fee waivers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.



Chair Report

Commissioner Lind was not at the meeting.  The Board was given a copy of the preliminary budget for their review as well as the interim financial statements for February, 2011. 


President Pratl called for a motion to review and adopt the 2011-2012 preliminary budget.  Motion was made by Commissioner Conrad and seconded by Commissioner Crout.

Roll Call:

Ayes:              Crout, Egan, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None

Motion Carried.



Chair Report

Commissioner Pratl commented that the Freedom Playground renovation has begun.

Director King said that Kids Around the World was out to remove the old equipment which will be recycled and set up in an underprivileged area. 


Director King commented that once the playground is finished, they will need to repair the walking path. 



There was nothing to discuss at this time.



There was nothing to discuss at this time.



There was no need to enter into Executive Session.








A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad at 8:39pm. 

Roll Call

Ayes:              Commissioner Crout, Lind, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None

 Motion carried.




_____Rob Lind_ ____________________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 27th day of  April, 2011.


 ______Rob Lind ____________________


Chicago Ridge Park District




Chicago Ridge Park District