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Wednesday, 30 December 2009 09:15

Combined Committee/Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners


November 11, 2009



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 7:13pm.



The following Commissioners were present:   Crout, Lind, Conrad and Pratl.      Also present was Director King.



Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.



President Pratl called for a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners dated October 28, 2009.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Roll Call:

Ayes:              Commissioner Crout, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         Commissioner Lind

Motion carried.



There was no one to address the Board.



Commissioner Lind made a motion to approve the October/November cash disbursements in the amount of $36,746.31.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Crout.

Roll Call:    

Ayes:              Commissioners Crout, Lind, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None 

Motion Carried.                    




President Pratl commented to the Board that he had been in conversation with Director King and Lee Howard regarding the TIF money and how it would affect the Park District.  As of this date, no definitive information was available.  He also stated that since there was no other Board meeting scheduled for November, the Board may need to have a special meeting in order to discuss the levy when the TIF information becomes available. 


President Pratl mentioned that they may also need to discuss the issue of employee insurance benefits in a special meeting after reviewing the different options that are available.



Attorney Stillman was not at the meeting.



Director King reported on some special events coming up; namely, the Turkey Shoot on November 18 and Right of Honor on December 5.  He also commented that the Senior Luncheon was held Tuesday, November 10, and it went well with 59 people in attendance.  He commented that Commissioner Conrad was also there helping out.  Everyone in attendance received a gift certificate and blanket.


Director King showed the Board a downsized, black and white copy of the winter brochure.  He commented that they will do a bigger one for spring/summer in color. 


Director King reported on the prices for the new floor at Frontier Fieldhouse and had samples for them to look at.  He commented that a poured floor would be more costly and would shut down the facility for about a month, whereas the new snap court floor is cheaper and would only require about a week.  Discussion followed as to the pros and cons between the two floors as well as patching the current floor.


In regard to maintenance, Director King reported that the staff had finished cutting the parks, was working on raking leaves, and getting the Christmas lights up.  Many other tasks were completed as well.


The Board was given a letter from James Lueders of Innovative Aquatic Design regarding the solenoid valve at the Lily Pad stating that they were confident the problem is resolved and would not be a concern in the spring. However, Director King stated that this letter does not acknowledge culpability and he did not feel that this issue is resolved.  Consequently, some of the final payouts are being withheld. 


The Board was also given a letter from Jim Clumpner regarding the vent issue at the Lily Pad.  Director King said they are still working on this.


In regard to the employee health insurance plan, Director King informed the Board of the increase in cost with the current plan and presented them with information on different payment options.  Discussion ensued.  The Board agreed to review the materials and make their decision known through phone poll or special meeting the following week. 


In regard to holiday bonuses, the Board agreed to give out the same bonuses as the previous year.



Commissioner Crout opened up discussion of wither or not to keep the house decorating contest.  After some discussion, the Board agreed to keep the contest.



Commissioner Conrad commented that the staff has been keeping up with the general maintenance.  The vehicles are ready for the winter.  He also commented that the pigment of the concrete at the Lily Pad has improved due to the sealing process and that it looks good.


Special Projects: 

Commissioner Lind had nothing to report.



There was no old business to discuss.



There was no new business to discuss.



There was no need to enter into Executive Session.



A motion to adjourn at 8:04pm was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Lind.

All in favor, aye.  Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted,


_______Rob Lind___________________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District




Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 23rd day of December, 2009.



_____Rob Lind_________________


Chicago Ridge Park District    




Chicago Ridge Park District