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Tuesday, 30 June 2009 11:07




Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


June 10, 2009



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 7:21 pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners Crout, Hovel, Lind, Conrad, Pratl.

Also present was Director King.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.



Director King introduced George Petecki from George’s Landscaping.  Mr. Petecki handed out concrete color brochures for the Board to review.  He advised that because of the size of the pour, it would be better to have the concrete injected with the color at the plant instead of doing it in the truck.  This would allow for a more uniform color in the concrete.  Although more costly, the concrete company will hold the prices for what was bid.  He asked the Board for their permission to go ahead and order the concrete.  Different colors were discussed as well as sealant for the concrete and general care.  Commissioner Hovel asked about cartage fees.  Mr. Petecki said it was covered and no additional fees for this will be charged.  The Board agreed on a green slate color using the injection process.


Mr. Petecki then exited the meeting.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout opened discussion of the plans for the retirees and asked if there had been any feedback on the job postings for Tiny Tots.  Director King reported that there was some interest.  Coni Ryan is interested in being a TinyTot Coordinator and Liz Gertos is interested in being the other instructor.  Three people are interested in the aide position.  Commissioner Hovel asked if Director King had a recommendation, Director King said not at this time; however, he said that having Coni as Coordinator and Liz as the other instructor would be a good transition as they are well known by staff and parents alike.  The 3 people interested in the aide position will be interviewed.


Ideas were discussed regarding the retirement celebration for Helen Brunett and Pam Debelak.  Suggestions included a private pizza party for the retirees and their students or a party at Frontier with hot dogs and popcorn.   It was decided to have a mid-week party.  Director King will confirm the date with Helen and Coni and coordinate the event.

He suggested that the Board have a special acknowledgement for them at the event with a parting gift from the Park District.


In regard to the requests for a pro-rated fee for part time day camp participants, Commissioner Crout said she agreed with Director King to allow the proration in order to keep the interest in our program in this difficult economic time.  The Board agreed.


Commissioner Crout also commented that she liked the batting lessons proposal that was submitted, but was wondering if there would be someone to follow through with it. 


Commissioner Crout and Commissioner Conrad said they were interested in attending the NRPA Conference in October.  Director King said that if anyone else was interested to contact him.


Supervisor’s Report

Recreation Supervisor Joe Zalewski entered the meeting at 7:59pm. 


Commissioner Pratl commented that T-ball had 40 children and that he was very impressed with the program.  Supervisor Zalewski said that the staff was doing a great job and the children were having fun.  Commissioner Lind asked about having team pictures taken.  Director King said he would look into it.  The last game is scheduled for July 6.  Commissioner Pratl commented that based on parents’ comments he has heard, there is a need for sports activities for this age group.  He also commented that the staff is doing a good job with the children.


Supervisor Zalewski reported that there were 119 children signed up for Day Camp to date.  Staff is trained and ready. 


Commissioner Conrad asked if we were set with Movie in the Park.  Supervisor Zalewski reported that he was set with the contracts, etc., but that the location will be determined when we know what the weather will be.  Director King commented that the movie will be shown on a regular Board meeting night and suggested the meeting be moved up to 7:00pm.


Supervisor Zalewski exited the meeting.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad reported that there were no major issues to address and that everything was being taken care of.  He commented that the new Foreman, Andrew Laxton, was doing a good job and continues to learn.  The stumps will be removed soon. 


Commissioner Pratl asked if there have been any more complaints regarding loose dogs.  Commissioner Conrad reported that there had not been any complaints since posting the new signs.  Commissioner Pratl commented that he has noticed a bigger police presence in the parks.  Director King said that he talked to the police department on two recent occasions - one incident concerning Tower Park and one concerning the Freedom Park pavilion.  The police have caught some of the children and efforts are being made to have parents make restitution to the Park District.


Commissioner Hovel commented that he had talked to the Police Department about watching Ball Fore and Frontier at closing time and they were willing to do that for the Park District if time allowed.  He also complimented the staff and Commissioner Conrad on the excellent job they are doing maintaining the ball fields. 


Commissioner Pratl opened discussion about thanking the Public Works Department for helping us with the removal of our trees and other items.  Ideas were presented as to an appropriate thank you to them.  In regard to the leak by the water fountain at Freedom Park, Director King commented they had L&R Trenching out to fix it.


There was discussion about having the Police Chief come to the next Board meeting for presentation of the annual donation as well as Jack Lind of the Public Works Department.  Director King suggested a plaque be presented to Chief Balderman and Jack Lind in acknowledgement of their service to the Park District.  The Board agreed. Hank Zwirkoski, the Director of YSB/TRANSITIONS has also requested to come to the next Board meeting to discuss changes in his program.


Director King reported that the staff replaced some of the pavers at Frontier.



Chair Report

Commissioner Hovel had nothing to report at this time.



Chair Report

Commissioner Lind reported that he had not yet been inside the new concession building.  The Board discussed having a “sneak preview” of the Lily Pad on the 4th of July with grand opening along with the Salute to Ridge Kids on the 12th.


The Board was given a proposed hours/fees/rules list for the Lily Pad for their review.  Discussion ensued. 



There was no old business to discuss at this time.




President Pratl called for a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss the employment of specific employee(s) and to discuss imminent/pending litigation at 8:29pm.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Roll Call:       

Ayes:              Commissioners Crout, Hovel, Lind, Conrad, Pratl

Nays:              None

Abstain:         None

Motion carried.



President Pratl called the session to order at 9:03 pm.

Roll Call:        Commissioner Crout, Hovel, Lind, Conrad, Pratl

Also present was Director King.


No action was taken on Executive Session items.



A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad at 9:04 pm.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.




______Rob Lind______________________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District




Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 24th day of  June,  2009.



______­_Rob Lind_______________________


Chicago Ridge Park District



Chicago Ridge Park District