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Thursday, 23 October 2008 12:35

Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


October 8, 2008



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioner Crout, Hovel, Conrad, Pratl

Commissioner Lind was absent with notice.  Also present were Director King and Recreation Supervisor Joe Zalewski.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.



There was no one to address the Board at this time.



Chair Report

Commissioner Crout aksed Supervisor Zalewski to report on the Halloween Event.


Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Zalewski reported that it was going well.  Some new changes will be implemented for the RAH kids as well as some added changes at Ball Fore which will make this event a fun time. 


Commissioner Crout then asked Supervisor Zalewski to report on the winter brochure.  He commented that he was working on it, getting some ideas for tournaments, ski trips, etc., but expects to have the brochure out to the residents by December 1st. 


Commissioner Conrad commented that due to the fact that we now have a new bus and that the residents really look forward to the trips offered by the Park District, he would like to see more scheduled trips.  Supervisor Zalewski responded that they have not had much success with the trips thus far.  Discussion ensued regarding the types of trips that have been offered what may be offered in the future.  Concerns were expressed regarding up-front money needed to secure a block of advance tickets versus the number of actual tickets sold for certain events.  Commissioner Crout suggested checking the internet for discount tickets.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad reported that he and Director King had a meeting with the maintenance staff to discuss some issues.  The position of Maintenance Supervisor was offered to the staff and if anyone was interested, to contact Director King; however, they still plan to advertise in the newspaper for the position.  Commissioner Hovel expressed concern in hiring another Maintenance Supervisor due to past experience.  Director King commented that there would be a probationary period of 90 days and that it would be a “hands-on” position as well as supervisory. 


Commissioner Conrad reported that the maintenance staff has been advised to be thinking about the move to the new building and encouraged to think about how the new space should be set up for maximum efficiency.  The staff was also advised to be ready for action when things begin to fall in place, not only for the new building, but for fall and winter activities around the Park District as well.


Commissioner Conrad reported that there were no bids presented for the Infields Maintenance Project and that our staff will need to begin the work themselves.  Director King expressed his disappointment that Sportsfields, Inc., who prepared the specs, did not bid on the project.  Four members of our staff were sent to a seminar on infield maintenance.  Our staff will begin working on Tower and Freedom parks.



Chair Report

Commissioner Hovel had nothing to report at this time.  Board members were given a copy of the revenue breakdown for Ball Fore.  They were satisfied with the numbers and pleased that the facility had a longer season than other area facilities.



Chair Report

In the absence of Commissioner Lind, President Pratl asked Director King to report on the meeting with Jim Lueders and Glenn Thorstenson regarding the splash pad project.  Director King reported that he and Commissioner Lind met with them and discussed a problem with the storm sewer.  They decided to add replacing a section of the pipe, which is likely to be broken during construction, to the plans.  Other concerns addressed were replacing the chain link fence with a wrought iron one, removal of trees and the design of the concession building.  Director King said he is hoping to receive the specs on this by the next Board meeting.  He also said that due to the time it takes to get permits, this project will not be started until next spring.



There was no old business at this time.



There was no new business at this time.



A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Hovel at 8:44pm.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.




____ Rob Lind________________________

Rob Lind, Secretary

Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 22nd  day of,October, 2008.

______ Rob Lind______________________


Chicago Ridge Park District

Chicago Ridge Park District