Season Eighteen Power Rankings Week 8 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 December 2017 11:23

1. Unit – Have slowly climbed to the top of the league, that’s what defending champs do around here. I don’t know if they will lose this top spot to be honest, playing some real strong basketball as of late, only time will tell though

2. Gym Rats – First time all season dropping out of the number one spot. But you know how the old saying goes “it’s not how you starts, it’s how you finish” We will see how these guys bounce back next week playing as second place for the first time all season.

3 Predators – How can anyone not be impressed by the Predators. I have always like Predator over Alien by entire life, and they are truly living up to that as of now. Huge win last week taking down the Gym Rats. Strike while the iron is hot and it sure is.       

4. Bulldogs – Seem to have hit a little bump in the road here over the past couple week trying to find their groove that has won them multiple Frontier Basketball League Championships.

5. Tune Squad – rattle of a few wins and boom, sitting at fifth place in the toughest rec league in the southside, that’s called dedication.

6. Bang –three teams sitting at three wins and five losses can make way for some interesting couple weeks before playoffs. Cannot afford losses, need wins and a lot of them.

7. Lafayette Demons – won by default last week but a win is a win at this point. Hopefully the boys got together for a light school around at the Advocate Center to keep the legs loose after the Holidays.

 8. Rimshots –still winless this season and it appears they are losing hope. The light at the end of the tunnel is dimmer and dimmer. Keep on keeping on.

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