Season Eighteen Power Rankings Week 5 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 December 2017 10:44

1. Gym Rats – I like this team. Can score bunches of points and can also lock it down on the defensive side of the ball. This could be a trap game this week with the Unit looming two weeks from now.

2. Bulldogs – three teams all within one game of each other. Bulldogs seem to find their name on top the schedule every year so this is nothing new for them.

3 Predators – Have slowly climbed into third place and are starting to put the puzzle pieces together. Offense has come together over the current four game winning streak.  GAME OF THE WEEK this week against Bulldogs, 8:10pm, be there!       

4. Unit – Have hit a minor speed bump here over the past few weeks but if I know this team, I know they will figure it out and get back on the highway.  They do not want to overlook Lafayette Demons knowing Gym Rats are in the sewer close by.

5. Bang – Ranked the highest of the four rookie teams to come into the Frontier Fieldhouse Basketball Association. Ranked fifth in the toughest rec league around says something about this team. Things do not get easier against the number one team next week.

6. Lafayette Demons –Things do not get any easier next week with the Unit coming into town. Still a new team trying to figure it out and I expect a few more wins will come their way.

7. Tune Squad – Another new squad this year just starting to get their hands dirty. This team has some potential to rattle off a few wins in a row but have not done so just yet. Another win could be coming this week against a winless Rimshots squad though.

 8. Rimshots – battle of the bottom next week against the Tune Squad. Will this be the week for them to start the winning streak?

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