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Thursday, 09 November 2017 11:22

Power Rankings Week 2

1.      Gym Rats – Boys are back sitting atop the rankings of power. Snuck out a close six point victory over a tough Predators squad. I’ve stated before, I know they have the tools to compete for a title, time will tell, hopefully the clock shows the right time.

2.      Unit – rivalry game with Bulldogs and came up with a huge sixteen point victory. Had a feeling last week was a small slipup and knew that could(and would) bounce back strong

3.      Bulldogs – went from first to third in a blink of an eye. Unit seems to have their number lately. Have given up the most points in the league, D-up boys.

4.      Lafayette Demons – might be the sleeper in this league but the jury is still out.

5.      Bang – bang and now this squad is 1-1. Winnable game against the Predators next week, 2-1 sounds good to me.

6.      Tune Squad – is it just me or did I see Michael and Larry out there this past week, is that why they got the win with a couple superstars out there?

7.      Predators -  gave it all they could against the Gym Rats but fell just short. Actually surprised at where this team is right now, but I expect a top four finish.

8.      Rimshots – only winless team in the league and it doesn’t get any easier with the Bulldogs barking next week. Good luck boys!

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