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Thursday, 02 November 2017 10:03
 Season 18 Power Rankings

1.      Bulldogs – not much more than I can say about this team, have been in this league forever.  Use to have the GOAT on the team, but no more. Team can score points at a very high clip, defense will need to lock down to make another title run though

2.      Gym Rats – took a season off last year to rebuild the team. I like what these boys can do on the floor, good ball handling, decent shooting, and a bit of a post presence. They had a title run a few seasons back, I expect a strong push this season.

3.      Bang – inaugural season for this team and got that always tough first victory. Scoring 53 points though will not get you many victories in this high scoring explosive league, but if you can hold teams to 48 every week, you got a shot.

4.      Predators – looks like the same team from last season that had a very strong season. Struggled to score the ball this week but I know the scoring will come from them as the season progresses.

5.      Lafayette Demons – tough draw in the first game of their Frontier Fieldhouse careers. Not a terrible showing but it is always tough to slow down the Bulldogs. I liked what I saw, a “W” is not too far away.

6.      Unit – defending champs might be struggling from that title hangover, or maybe they have been hanging out with the Golden State Warriors. Close game though with the Gym Rats,  but next week big showdown with the Bulldogs.

7.      Rimshots – another first year team coming out and giving it all they could. Another teamt that will need to get rid of the scoring bug.

8.      Tune Squad – hard fought battle against the Predators taking them almost to the final possession. I like the fight in this team, they have a great motivational speaker on the team too.

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