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Thursday, 09 March 2017 13:28


Regular Committee/Board Meeting of the

Board of Commissioners


February 8, 2017



President Pratl called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



The following commissioners were present:  Commissioners Crout, Conrad, Egan, Albon, Pratl

 Also present: Director King, Recreation Superintendent Malito and Maintenance Superintendent Biskey.



Everyone participated in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



There was no one to address the Board.



Chair Report

Commissioner Albon asked about the Daddy/Daughter Date Night.  Superintendent Malito reported there are 212 participants signed up.  Plans are set for rentals, catering, and gifts.


Superintendent’s Report

Recreation Superintendent Malito reported that Disney on Ice trip is next week Saturday, February 11th and is sold out.


The first proof of the brochure has been received from the printer. 


Jr. NBA event will be taking place on Monday, February 13th.  This event is for all ages and is free to participate.  Flyers will go out to the schools.


The next Open Gymapalooza will be taking place on Monday, February 20th.


The adult co-ed volleyball league will have the final regular season games Friday, February 3rd with playoffs on Friday, February 17th.


February’s foods of the month for NRPA’s Commit to Health Program are water and oils and good fats.



Chair Report

Commissioner Egan gave the floor to Maintenance Superintendent Biskey for his report.



Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Biskey reported on a quote from Secure Electric to add additional flood lights on the parking lot at Freedom Activity Center.


The new maintenance worker, John McNeilly, came in for orientation and is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 13th.


Superintendent Biskey is scheduled to meet with the new representative from HP Products, formerly PCS Industries, to discuss janitorial supplies.  He is also researching hand sanitizer stations for all facilities.


The inflatables are scheduled for the annual inspection on February 21st.


All three park buses will be going in for safety inspections on February 21st.


Commissioner Pratl asked about the southwest corner of the playground at Freedom Park, stating that the plastic border looked “smashed”.  Superintendent Biskey stated that he would look into it.


Commissioner Pratl also requested that Superintendent Biskey check with Secure Electric regarding motion lights for Menard Park and the Lily Pad.


Director’s Report

Director King reported on the bid specs for Tower Park that were given to the Board for their review highlighting certain key elements.


Updated Financial Assistance Application and Guidelines were given to the Board for their review.  The updated forms will assist the Board in making their determinations on submitted requests.


Director King worked with LifeFitness on the cost of the new rowers and presented the Board with their final offer which was a 15% discount.  These will be ordered and received in approximately 5-6 weeks.


In regard to IT services, the Board was given a letter that was approved by the attorney to send to OliveJar severing any relationship with them and requesting a pro-rated refund of contract money that was paid due to a breach of that contract.


Director King reported on his conversations with Vortex regarding the prices for the spray heads for the Lily Pad which could vary from $1,500 to $10,000.   Vortex was given a list of 5 specific spray heads to quote on.


The Board was given financial statements for their review.


Director King also informed the Board that the current payroll service was bought out and that he has a meeting next week with the new company.  The current cost for the service will remain the same for 18 months.


Chair Report

There was nothing to discuss at this time.



Chair Report

Commissioner Conrad commented that the next project to be thinking about is replacing the pavilion at Freedom Park.  The Board discussed the removal and different types of structures that could be installed.  Commissioner Conrad stated that he might have some pictures to show the Board.


Commissioner Pratl suggested checking into getting motion detection lighting at Lombard as well.



There was no old business to discuss. 



As there were no questions on the bid specs, President Pratl called for a motion to approve the bid specs and publish the bid notice.  Motion was made by Commissioner Crout and seconded by Commissioner Conrad.

Roll Call

Ayes:                Commissioner Crout, Conrad, Egan, Albon, Pratl

Nays:               None

Abstain:           None

Motion Carried.



There was no need to enter Executive Session.



President called for a motion to adjourn at 7:34pm.  Motion was made by Commissioner Albon and seconded by Commissioner Crout.  All in favor, aye.  Motion carried.



Kevin King__________________

Kevin King, Secretary Chicago Ridge Park District


Approved by the Board of Commissioners on this 22nd  day of  February, 2017.


Kevin King___________________

Kevin King, Secretary Chicago Ridge Park District

Chicago Ridge Park District